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Every month Google records hundreds of thousands of Canadian searches for variations on the term "business marketing." Do you know how to find those term variants and optimize your Web site to make sure customers will find you when they need you most? Or does SEO just make you want to hide your head in the sand?

In this 25-page PDF workbook you'll learn the ins and outs of search engine marketing including tricks that will boost your site to the top of the search engine rankings without having to do know super technical.

Topics included in this workbook are:

  • Intro to SEO and how search engines work
  • Keyword research the sneaky (and totally efficient) way
  • Site optimization for real people
  • Using analytics to measure (and improve your) site traffic


Emma Jane worked with me on a dramatically ambitious Drupal project a couple of years ago. She managed to keep my overactive imagination in check so we focused on realistic goals and milestones, all the while making me feel like I could get my hands dirty in the project. She was timely, proficient, and a joy to work with.

— Kim Werker, founder of

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